Amna Capital

About Us

Promoters of Amna capital have a collective banking experience of more than three decades in various domains of banking like Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Commercial / Corporate Banking, Retail, Transactional Banking, Credit, Remedial Management. Our team has the support, advice, and guidance from some of the prominent corporate bankers, investment bankers, trade finance experts and many other professionals across the region and these people play a vital role in the success of Amna Capital, a corporate debt advisory entity in Dubai - UAE. 


Amna Capital was born to address the gaps we identified/noticed while working for commercial banks in the region like Citibank/RAK bank/ICICI bank/ SCB/Emirates NBD. We decided to address or mitigate these prevalent gaps between the lenders and borrowers and then we came up with the answer in the form of a fintech or digital platform or market place in the name of Our ultimate agenda is to bring both lending and borrowing fraternities closer. We believe that these two are working in silo’s for decades and centuries without understanding each other’s requirements as they say “bankers lend umbrella when it is not raining and pull it back when it is actually raining” Through our platform, we want to connect or bring close these two key elements of the economy with respect to their debt requirements. We guide them accordingly based on the vast banking and industry experience through our fintech digital platform.


At Amna Capital, we explore opportunities to avail facilities required in line with our client’s business requirements, business model, working capital cycle, lead period, future projections, etc. We channelize this through various sources like local banks, foreign banks, non-banking financial corporations, factoring companies across the region. Amna Capital is one-stop solution for all your debt requirements like Business loans, Capital Expenditure loans, Term debt/loans, Equity release loans, Trade finance facilities, Structured Trade Finance Facilities, Letter of credit, Trust Receipts, Short Term Loans for advance payments to suppliers, Local Bills Discounting (i.e. Invoice and check discounting), receivables financing, suppliers payments against the receivables, supplier payments against the existing PDCs, loans against the receivables from food delivering companies (i.e. relevant to restaurants only), financing for contracting companies in the form of tender bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, retention guarantees and supplier payments to procure the materials to complete the contract. We provide and support the business entities at every step and stage of their funding requirements. Our highly experienced corporate bankers understand the business requirements and structure required products and avail funding accordingly.


At Amna Capital, we believe and maintain the highest level of professionalism by enriching our culture, staying true to our ethics and codes, upholding our principles. We are customer-centric. We believe in offering the best services to our clients and also evolve with the constantly changing business dynamics/environment to better our services to the clients. We are constantly finding solutions to build trust, transparency, consistency to ensure long-lasting relationships.