Who we are

Founders of amnacapital have a collective banking experience of 100+ years in various domains of banking like small and medium enterprises (SME), commercial, corporate, retail, transactional, Credit/risk, remedial management. we are closely associated with some of the prominent and higly experienced corporate bankers, investment bankers, trade finance experts, compliance experts, qualified auditors and many other professionals across the region. We leaverage on their expertise as and when required to provide better advises and services to our valuble clients at amnacapital - corporate debt advisory.

amnacapital was born to address the gaps identified, while working for SME/commercial/corporate banks in the region like Citibank, RAKBANK, ICICIBANK, Standard Chartered Bank and EmiratesNBD Bank. Founders of amnacapital noticed that the two key elements of the economy "lenders and borrowers" are working in silo’s for decades and centuries without understanding each other’s requirements as they say “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain" - Mark Twain. We decided to address or to mitigate these prevalent gaps between the lenders and borrowers by understanding the business requirements, business model, working capital cycle, lead period, future projections and so on. we came up with the answer in the form of a fintech or digital platform or market place in the name of www.amnacapital.com. both borrowers and lenders can register and login to our platform to pick and choose the suitable business partner to leaverage on each other for a mutually beneficial relationship.
amnacapital platform helps the borrowers to check their credit worthiness by submitting their financial and non financial information thorough our platform. once submitted system will generate all the required key ratios and present to our corporate bankers, based on these ratios and review by our experts we advice our clients further actions. If the potential borrower meets the overall lenders criteria we advice them to uploand the required KYC, constitutional, legal, financial and other related informaton on amnacapital platform and the same will be allowed to access by the selected lenders. Once lender is comfortable with the credit risk and wants to take up the proposal, amnacapital allows the lender to download the information for further review and approvals. amnacapital wants to add value by bringing both lending and borrowing fraternities closer digitally through our fintech platform.
At amnacapital, we explore opportunities to avail facilities required in line with our client’s business requirements, business model, working capital cycle, lead period, future projections etc. We channelize this through various sources like local banks, foreign banks, non-banking financial corporations - NBFCs, factoring companies, fund houses across the regions like germany, singapore, mauritious, south africa, India apart from DIFC entities in UAE. amnacapital is one-stop solution for all debt requirements like Business loans, capital expenditure loans, term debt, equity release loans, trade finance facilities, structured trade finance facilities, letter of credit, trust receipts, short term oans for advance payments to suppliers, local bills discounting (i.e. Invoice and check discounting), receivables financing, suppliers payments against the receivables, supplier payments against the existing PDCs, loans against the receivables from food delivering companies (i.e. relevant to restaurants only), financing for contracting companies in the form of tender/bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, retention guarantees and supplier payments to procure the materials to complete the contract. We provide and support the business entities at every step and stage of their funding requirements. Our highly experienced corporate bankers understand the business model and hence requirements of the company and structure a suitable proposition in line with the company requirements and avail funding from through our network lenders.
At amnacapital, we believe and maintain the highest level of professionalism by enriching our culture, staying true to our ethics and codes, upholding our principles. We are customer-centric. We believe in offering the best services to our clients and also evolve with the constantly changing business environment and business dynamics to improve our services to our esteemed clients. We are constantly finding solutions to build trust, transparency, consistency to ensure long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships