Amna Capital


It is absolutely crucial that you understand and are able to identify the perfect sources of financing that aligns with the ambitions of the entity, which is what we do and seldom remains misunderstood without the right advisory.
At Amna Capital we aim at delivering the best results in the sustainable and fastest way. Digitizing the whole process means leaving no carbon print, improving efficiency of work by simplifying all the paper-load on customer .
You can check out our website for details. For further queries, do call us or send an inquiry via the website or email. Please check out our contact options below.
The three-digit score assigned to an entity/company plays an important part in deciding one's eligibility for a variety of funding options. This can be acquired from one of the many centers of AECB (Al Etihad Credit Bureau) with their trade licence and a letter requesting for credit score signed by the manager, owner or partner of the business.